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About Us

IMG_0109 systms practice SPMC Associates are dedicated to supporting practitioners and academics in the uses of practical tools for managing and understanding the complex issues that emerge in modern business and public practice. We offer one-day workshops on Systems topics and training in Systems tools for busy managers.

Our purpose is to two-fold:

  • to promote use Systems tools and techniques to help people tackle persistent or ‘wicked’ problems and issues
  • to bring together individuals and groups of diverse perspective, including Systems practitioners and theorists and other interested groups from business and industry. We aim to establish best practice and create a new agenda for Systems thinking and practice

SPMC has a long history, beginning as a network in 2001 as the result of a successful research funding proposal designed to generate fresh insights into managing problems within an enterprise. Since then, SPMC has worked hard to achieved this by integrating the experience, needs and expertise of the business community, government agencies and the not-for-profit sector with insights from researchers concerned with Systems approaches for managing complexity.

We have conducted an average of two workshops a year since 2001 on topics of general concern. Please see our examples pages for an overview of these events.